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Camping cover made by POLCOVER made of 5-layers polypropylene material extremely durable and resistant to UV radiation.


The cover is both waterproof and breathable. In the side parts of the cover there are micropores ensuring the air circulation under the cover. From the inside there is a soft black lining that protects the body of the trailer.


As standard, the cover is equipped with two types of fasteners - a belt at the bottom around the cover and two horizontal stripes at the front, which fasten the cover to the length, thanks to which it is perfectly protected against the wind.

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High-quality material


The cover is made of extremely durable 5-layer material - waterproof and breathable, with an additional layer of polyester on the entire roof part. The material is also resistant to UV radiation thanks to the presence of a special UV stabilizer.


The micropore system allows the air to circulate under the cover, so that the moisture rising from the ground is immediately dried. From the inside, the cover has a delicate black lining that protects the car body from scratches.

Two types of fasteners

Thanks to the use of two types of fasteners - a belt at the bottom around the cover and two belts at the front (fastening the cover to the length) the cover does not move even in strong winds. It is also ideally suited to the shape of the trailer, which affects the protection of the car body from scratches.

Two covered zips on the side of the entrance to the caravan

The cover from the entrance to the trailer is equipped with two zippers, covered both from the outside and from the inside. As a result, the locks are protected against frost and icing, and the trailer body against scratches. At the bottom of the zipper there is a latch which prevents the zipper from unfastening while the trailer is over wintering.



Perfectly protects your trailer from


- dust, dirt, sand

- rain, snow

- bird droppings, leaves, resin trees

- sunlight

- frost, icing

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Perfect fit


Our covers are selected under the dimensions of your trailer so that they are almost perfectly matched. All you have to do is enter the dimensions marked in the figure below.

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