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Anti-hail covers


POLCOVER anti-hail cover for use all year round outside. Made of polypropylene materials, which are characterized by very high strength and resistance to water and mold.


The cover has a cushioning foam 10mm, which perfectly absorbs impacts of even a large hail and a lining in black from the inside, protecting the car body. In total, the whole creates 11mm protection against hail.

In addition to the chewing gums, the cover has a belt attachment around the vehicle, which protects it from the wind. The anti-hail cover is packed in a vacuum bag that reduces its volume.

pokrowiec na samochód

- BACK-FRONT mark making it easier to put on the cover

- belt fastening around the vehicle and astringent rubber

- reusable vacuum bag for packing the cover

- fit shape and dimensions to the car model

pokrowiec antygradowy

The materials from which our covers are made are manufactured to our order with special properties and additional UV stabilizers protecting against the influence of solar radiation on the material, thanks to which we give a two-year warranty on all our products.

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- waterproof

- total thickness of 11mm

- steam permeable material ensures proper air exchange under the cover

- durable

- has a black lining on the inside

- gray subdued color

- self-cleaning material - rain rinses most of the dirt

- does not freeze to the car body

- adapts well to the shape of the car and does not fall during strong wind

pokrowiec przeciwgradowy
Perfectly protects the car against:

- before snowfall, snow and rain

- against dust, dirt, sand

- before bird droppings, leaves

- in front of the resin tree

- before destroying the car's body

- before the action of animals

- before the car warms up

- against the effects of sunlight

- against frost and ice

Szeroka rozmiarówka na różne typy nadowzia:

Rozmiar S auta typu HB/sedan/kombi (dł. do 410cm)

Rozmiar M auta typu HB/sedan/kombi (dł. 410-440cm)

Rozmiar L auta typu HB/sedan/kombi (dł. 440-470cm)

Rozmiar XL auta typu HB/sedan/kombi (dł. 470-500cm)

Rozmiar XXL auta typu HB/sedan/kombi (dł. 500-520cm)

Dostępne również pokrowce na auta typu SUV/VAN.

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